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Dirt Warrior

February 25, 2014
Dirt Warrior

A Minute With Paul Langlands

Paul Langlands is otherwise known as a BMX dirt warrior. This is a guy who knows his way around a bike, and has taken BMX tricks to a whole new level (and height). He even makes his own dirt compounds - does the passion/obsession get any deeper than that?

Paul Langlands 1

I grew up in
Cambridge, New Zealand

I am reading
BMX news online

People tell me I am

During competitions my one indulgence is

In my earphones before a comp you will hear
Something heavy to get me amped up

My #1 must-take-on-comp item is
My helmet

My favourite world comp is
The Red Bull ones – courses are always good and athletes are well looked after

I stay motivated by
My own drive to do the best I can and to have fun doing it

I stay balanced by
Yoga/stretching every day

My favourite BMX story to tell around the dinner table is
Anything from the day that was awesome, or looking forward to something that will be awesome the next day

A typical working day for me involves
Stretch, eat, ride, dig, ride, eat, sleep

My ultimate meal would be
Chicken kebab wraps with roast potato chips

My last meal today was
Spaghetti and sausages on toast with a fruit smoothie (breakfast)

Over time my list of injuries now includes
Dislocated thumb, broken thumb, 4 wrist breaks, 4 ankle breaks, nose break, elbow break, collarbone break, jaw break, 7 chipped teeth, rib break, pelvis break, lacerated kidney and spleen, brain bruising, shins are pretty well haggard too

My top tip for BMXing is
Have fun and wear your helmet

If I could ride anywhere tomorrow, I’d go
Riverside, California, because there are lots of really good backyard dirt jump set-ups and a good crew

If I could go for a ride with anyone, it would be
Any mates I ride with when I’m not at home because I always have the best times riding with them especially on their local set

If I wasn’t BMXing, I’d be
Downhill racing

My biggest life lesson has been
Preparation is key

My porn star name (first pet/first street lived in) is
Clive Monavale