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Clip it, Wear it, Track it. Introducing the Alere Pebble™

May 09, 2014
Clip it, Wear it, Track it. Introducing the Alere Pebble™

Alere Pebble™

Normally a pebble in your shoe is an agitation, but not if it’s The Alere Pebble™.

If you were keeping track of The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia™ then you might already know plenty about the Alere Pebble™; the good folk of Ararat used them to help set and achieve weight loss goals.

It’s been called an ‘all-day activity tracker’ but we think it’s going to be the voice of motivation and reason that gets us out the door to exercise now that the weather isn’t exactly on our side.

In a nutshell this nifty little device, which (surprise-surprise) looks a bit like a smooth dark pebble, just clips onto your shoe, belt, waistband, pocket or bra (it’s most accurate if clipped onto the top of your shoe) and settles into daily life.

But what exactly does it do?

Well, for a small device it packs a comprehensive punch. The Alere Pebble™ gives you a holistic picture of your activity so you can set some goals, nail them and get healthy. Through the MyAlere™ website you can track your daily activity, monitor your blood glucose level, blood pressure, INR, cholesterol and your body weight.

Aside from clipping on the actual Alere Pebble™ there’s only one other thing you need to do – set up a Personal SyncPoint. This is so that data from the device can wirelessly sync to your MyAlere™ website, which basically becomes a bit of an information hub.

Syncing is a cinch:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the SyncPoint software and follow the easy instructions to activate your Alere Pebble™
  3. Insert into your computer the Personal SyncPoint which comes with your Alere Pebble™
  4. Next time you walk past your SyncPoint any data from your Alere Pebble™ will transfer wirelessly to your MyAlere™ website
  5. Hello health and happiness!

The Alere Pebble™ is a great way to also set yourself realistic evolving health and fitness targets and keeps all your info within easy reach on the one site.

As the days get shorter and darker (and we say yes to maybe one more serving of warm comfort food than we might actually need), the Alere Pebble™ is fast looking like a way to help us stay on track and in form.

And we’re not just all talk. Oh no – we love a challenge! Over the coming month we’ve decided to give this a go and see how some of us fare with the Alere Pebble™… We’re literally going to walk the walk (or ride, as the case might be!), and we’ll be sharing our results with you.

Nothing quite like third party pressure to motivate….