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Biking in Bangkok - A Traveller's Perspective

June 03, 2013
Biking in Bangkok - A Traveller's Perspective

Cycling Holiday in Bangkok, Thailand– Seeing a Different Side to the Hectic City by Backpacker Becki

I had always found Bangkok crazy, hectic and in parts, extremely frustrating. This time round was my third visit to the city and I grew to really appreciate what Bangkok has to offer. Living in the business and residential area of Silom gave me a great opportunity to wander around random residential neighbourhoods tucked in between skyscrapers, see the modern side of the city and hang out in Sukhumvit.

So, when I heard about the opportunity to go biking in Bangkok to check out the countryside, I was intrigued, yet skeptical; Bangkok in no way screams ‘rural’. Cycling long distance in Southeast Asia has become a regular hobby – my most recent adventure being a seven hour ride to a jungle temple in Siem Reap. For me, it’s one of the best ways to encounter the off the beaten track towns, villages and paths leading to the heart of a destination you otherwise wouldn’t find without local knowledge.

When I set off on my bike in Bangkok, I never expected to see a completely different side of the city – a serene expanse of green fields, pockets of forest and winding narrow alleyways of communities that reminded me of the hutongs in China. I guess I had been wrong about Bangkok all along – it isn’t just a bustling, sprawling city. You have to search out the parts of it that are tucked away.

I’m a big fan of Grasshopper Adventures, who help to get you out to these hidden places with the aid of a local guide who knows every nook and cranny of their hometown (I’m still amazed how they remember every twist and turn, side road and dirt path to take). I would never be able to find these areas on my own (as much as I would like to try) and such a tenacious plan would no doubt result in me getting half way to the middle of nowhere and having to hail a taxi home – which could be fun, but not very productive.

This tour is available for $52 per person for a day trip. To book your spot in a Grass Hopper Cycling Tour, or to check out the other tours they have on offer check out BikeExchange