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It is just as important to have a correctly sized kids bike as it is for an adult not only for comfort but also to avoid any needless danger. There are no specific rules of thumb when looking to purchase a kids bike, but the guidelines below should help to point you in the right direction.

Tips on Buying the Right Kids Size Bike

First and foremost, make sure the bike is safe. Buying from well known brands with good safety standards is an excellent way to minimise this risk. Take into account that the child needs to be able to reach the handle bar controls without stretching in order to safely operate the brakes. The child should be able to touch the tips of their toes on the ground when seated. Generally kids bikes are measured by their wheel size, a 20” bike should have 20” wheels. Though there are no strict rules around buying kids bikes we recommend the following size guide for the respective age.

12" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 3 to 5

12 Kids Bike

16" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 5 to 8

16 Kids Bike

20" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 7 to 10

20 Kids Bike

24" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 9 to 12

24 kids bike

26" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 12+

26 Kids Bike

Buy a Bike From a Trusted Kids Brand

Most of the time when buying a bike, brand choice often depends on your budget. Generally speaking better brands are safer, more comfortable and reliable.

Safety Vs Value When Buying a Kids Bike

Usually people are concerned with two things when buying a kids bike. One, that the bike allows room for the child to grow and two that you get maximum value for money. Unfortunately these two concerns don’t always go hand in hand, buying a bike that is too large for a child can be intimidating and dangerous resulting in the child not enjoying riding and not using it. Try to always choose the appropriate bike based on its fit not on its price tag!

Starting Out on a New Kids Bike

Training wheels are a great way for a child to get used to balancing on two wheels. The smallest bike that you can buy for a child (12” bike) generally comes equipped with training wheels. You can however attach training wheels to larger bikes.

It is recommended that someone looking to purchase a kids bike, has the bike fitted by a professional. To find a bike shop in your area click here

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