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"The Greatest Female Cyclist Ever"

October 13, 2015

Thanks to Adelaide Super-Drome and Cycling South Australia for allowing us to use such an awesome venue.

The youngest of four, Anna Meares was first introduced to the world of cycling by her older brother Scott. Following in his footsteps she competed in BMX races from age five and spent days riding her bike with her friends through the country roads of Middlemount, Queensland – "riding was quicker and more fun" than walking.

In '94, Anna and her sister Kerrie were watching Kathy Watt race at the Commonwealth Games. Little did she know back then that she herself would one day wear a Commonwealth Gold medal around her neck.

From their first introduction to track cycling on TV, Anna and Kerrie were hooked and were soon spending their weekends travelling to Mackay in Queensland to the nearest track.

Although she wasn't very competitive to begin with, Anna found her legs at 16 and would only go from strength to strength on her way to becoming the "greatest female cyclist ever."

And that title is not given lightly...11 World Championship Golds speak for themselves.

The rider that Shane calls the "whole package" wasn't necessarily born that way. It's been a combination of hard work and talent, but Anna admits she has been lucky to have been surrounded by some incredibly inspiring people, both on and off the track.

In this episode, Anna shares the story of her first meeting with one of those inspiring figures (spoiler alert, it's Shane), she tells us about her recovery from her accident at the World Champs in '08, and looks toward Rio in 2016 as her next major milestone.

Above all else, Anna says she is happy to now be giving back to the younger generation; " be educating people in some of that hard work that goes into pushing pedals at an Olympic level."

Take a seat and enjoy this exclusive interview between two of Australia's greatest track cyclists – the extended interview has so much more...

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