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One Day Getaway - What to Do

May 18, 2015
One Day Getaway - What to Do

We’ve pulled together this itinerary on the assumption you’ll have a night and day in the area. One day in this sensational part of Victoria is better than none at all but be warned, we’re packing the itinerary so you can get as good a feel for the place as possible!

Welcome to Bright  Mt Beauty


Assuming you arrive fairly late and fairly frazzled, why not spoil yourself and slip into your getaway in style. Head (down) to 13 Steps and let Roy, David, Imogen and their hipster crew look after you with the area’s very best wines, sensational craft beers, and some of the most exciting (but not tricked up) cooking in town.


OK time to enjoy the fact that when it comes to quality coffee, Bright has a lot going for it. We can’t decide where you should start your day, as any of these cafes are going to look after you with sensational coffee and something fresh and fulsome to start the day.

Check out Coral Lee, Svarmisk and Bright Chocolate - just a few options for morning coffee around Bright & Mt. Beauty.

On Your Bike

If you’re here with road bikes, then the best ride to do with relatively little time is to climb Buffalo. Depending on your level of fitness and riding ability, you’ll do it anywhere from over an hour to maybe even beyond two hours. Go to the chalet car park and make your way to the lookout, or climb even higher to Lake Catani.

Once you’ve soaked up the views you can soar down the hill and head back to Bright for some lunch (see further down). If you’re here to mountain bike, then head to Mystic, where you have plenty of trails through the pines that will take you past mining relics give you plenty of challenges. Up to you how long you spend here but you could easily keep yourself entertained for at least a couple of hours before you head back to town.


A good ride deserves a great meal, so make a bee line to Bright Brewery where you’ll not only fill up on really wholesome food in great serves, but you can also grab a pint or two of craft beer, or even just stick to quality coffee. There’s a great outdoors section here so you can stay in your riding gear without feeling like everyone else is going to want to vacate. You’re also right by the river if you want to duck out for a bit of a cool-off. If you’re here with kids and they’ve been waiting for you to get back, then this is a top spot to go as they can burn off some steam in the playground whilst you relax on the brewery deck and keep an eye on them.

Before You Go

There’s nothing like a beverage memento of somewhere great. Grab a six pack from the brewery as you leave or – if you’re headed Myrtleford direction – stop at Porepunkah along the way and make a detour to Feathertop Winery, where you can buy some great boutique vino or even grab a glass and a grazing plate and enjoy a break outside under the vine pergola before you settle back into the drive.