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Shimano Weekend in Photos

August 26, 2015
Shimano Weekend in Photos

Special thanks to Jeff Curtes for all the amazing photographs he took throughout the weekend away!

We can't quite let this one go yet.... We've pulled together a series of shots from Jeff Curtes as we relive the Shimano Road Experience weekend in Victoria's far North-East.

coffee made by soigneur team

soigneur snacks nutrition

S Works Ruby disc brake

bunch riding down the hill king valley

bunch riding king valley

Jeff Curtes Shimano soigneur

shimano product moulding

moulding shimano products

Riding in the King valley

solo rider king valley

sign post riding in the king valley

bunch riding together king valley

landscape in the king valley

solo rider in the king valley

group riding together in the king valley shimano event

eating like royalty on shimano trip

Shimano bus

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