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What went down on Willunga Hill

January 27, 2015

Willunga Hill.

If there is a single stage on the Santos Tour Down Under that's viewed with a healthy dose of rider trepidation, this has to be it.

It might not be an Alp in France, but it certainly takes riders to their limits as they race to gain seconds and points in this real shake-up of the GC apple cart. It's a massive day for the riders, but an equally huge day for the spectators who come out in droves. Literally thousands upon thousands of passionate bike and bike race lovers line the roads; most especially along the Willunga Hill climb.

BikeExchange was back again this year in full force. Not only did we hand out thousands of free t-shirts as well as "let'shurtalittle" support 'clappers', cold water, even colder beer, and much-needed sunscreen, but we also had a live telecast of the race showing from our marquee, and welcomed everyone who wanted into the shade.

And in a big move for us, we also became the naming right's sponsor to this incredible stage, So sit back and prepare to get caught up in the action of the Santos Tour Down Under BikeExchange Stage 5.