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The Bronzeman

March 21, 2014
The Bronzeman

Tim Gudsell is a NZ Commonwealth Games Bronze medallist cyclist, Olympic cyclist and former professional cyclist. Tim and his wife Sarah have founded Ventouro, a business that comprises cycling adventures, cycling training camps, cycling squads and coaching.

I grew up in
Te Awanutu – Waikato

I am reading
100 Things You’ll Never Do

People tell me I am
Patient and good at talking to people about things that are bothering them

During competitions, my one indulgence was…

In my earphones before a comp you would hear…
Probably dance music

My #1 must-take-on-comp item was...
It has been a while, actually... It would have been my foam roller

My favourite world comp is
Giro d’Italia because of the passionate Italians that follow the race every day

I stay motivated by
The challenge of succeeding

I stay balanced by
My wife and daughter

My favourite cycling story to tell around the dinner table is
Probably the time my car got towed twice in two different countries, missed a flight, got a full search buy customs at a boarder petrol station, and car blew up whilst trying to get to the Trofeo Laigueglia a 12h drive from Spain - because of a last minute team request

A typical working day for me involves
Start with a 6am ride before it all gets going. Check emails, write some training programmes, do a bike fit, work on some social media, chase some customers for upcoming trips and make some coaching calls

My ultimate meal would be
A real Italian Margherita pizza

My last meal today was
Eggs on toast

Over time, my list of injuries now includes
Three broken collar bones, three broken elbows, two broken wrists, sciatic nerve damage, cut ITB and quad muscle in half

My top tip for descending is
Always look for the exit of the corner

If I could ride anywhere tomorrow, I'd go
I would probably go to Ventimiglia in Italy for the coffee

If I could go out for a ride with anyone, it would be
My dad because I don’t do it enough

If I hadn’t been a professional cyclist, I would have been
An engineer of some description

My biggest life lesson has been
To always have a plan B

Porn star name (name of first pet followed by name of first street lived in)
Pepe Carlton

Tim Gudsell 2