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Making Molehills of Mountains

April 23, 2014
Making Molehills of Mountains

Max Hides is a 14 year old mountain biker building up to big things. He raced Oceania’s this year, coming12th in the under 17s, and has been getting podium places in Enduro events as well. Any spare time he gets, Max is up in the hills riding. He plans to rock the cycling apple cart in coming years and we reckon he’s one to watch…

Max Hides small

I grew up in:
Christchurch, NZ

I am reading:
Mountain biking magazines

People tell me I am:
Good at downhill and a threat to the competition

My life is linked to the cycling world because:
Mum and Dad do it. Mum coaches mountain biking

My favourite cycling story to tell around the dinner table is:
My biking trips and the places I want to ride in NZ

A typical working day for me involves:
School work – I am in year 10

When I get spare time I:
Ride downhill in the Port Hills, Christchurch

Over time my list of injuries now includes:
De-gloved finger, cracked ribs, fractured wrist, gashes, burns (from tyres)

If I could ride anywhere tomorrow I’d go:
To Kamloops Canada because it has very fast flowing tracks and huge jumps and lots of free-ride places

If I could ride with anyone it would be:
With Sam Blenkinsop because he rides for Team Lapierre International racing. I'm sponsored by Bike Barn Christchurch New Zealand and I ride a Lappierre DH722. Another reason why I want to meet Sam Blenkinsop is because he's also a Kiwi and he's raced the World Cup