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SRAM - Uncomplicated Mountain Biking

September 15, 2014

It’s the simple things in life that can be utterly brilliant, and SRAM has a habit of reminding us of this very point! Take their X1 drive train – it’s all about function without unnecessary fuss.

SRAM Rise 60 Wheels

SRAM Rise 60 is a XC wheel set designed to provide strength, stiffness and really good engagement. The Rise 60 has pulled from the brilliance of other SRAM wheel sets. 'Solo spoke' means one size of spokes fits the entire wheel, allowing for easier maintenance. The wheels feature a hookless rim profile delivering a durable, consistent, light and responsive wheel that integrates with any tyre.

SRAM Guide RSC Brakes

SRAM's all-new RSC brakes are super powerful and consistent. The product features a totally new lever design that encompasses a much higher volume piggyback unit allowing for better management of air or any contamination inside the hydraulic system. The name itself refers to Reach Adjust, which delivers an easy way to move the lever position (so the levers suit any finger length). Speaking of a more bespoke design, the RSC's swing link allows the rider to shorten the deadband as much as possible and tune the amount of lever pull, whilst the contact adjust allows break pads to be moved closer or further apart. A totally new disk design delivers a more consistent braking surface and helps with noise reduction.


Say hello to proof that SRAM is all about making riding life as simple as possible and 'getting rid of the things you don't really need on your bike'. The new X1 does away with the front derailleur, cable housing and front shifter. The tooth profile matches perfectly with the 11-speed chain and the cassette (10 to 42 tooth) gives a massive range for riding.

Welcome to MTB accessory nirvana.

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