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2014 Eurobike Bike Porn - Part 2

September 01, 2014
2014 Eurobike Bike Porn - Part 2

Oh Eurobike – you sure do know how to get a bike lover excited! Making one list of hot products was never going to be enough, not when there are 1,320 exhibitors in the one place at the one time. We couldn’t resist – welcome to part two!

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1/ Lightweight Disk Wheel

Lightweight Disk Wheel

Err – how could you not notice this disk wheel? We reckon it had to be one of the most beautiful accessories at Eurobike. Lightweight started when Heinz Obermayer began working out of a garage in Munich. It’s since grown into a brand synonymous with German engineering and a principal to always deliver form first and then function later. Boy did they nail it with this one. Lightweight by name, lightweight definitely by nature – we couldn’t believe something this strong was so feather light. And seriously striking. This is one to get tongues wagging for sure.

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2/ Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 Shifting System for Mountain Bike

Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 Shifting System for Mountain Bike

Speaking of tongues wagging, this has been creating a buzz for a while with news that it would soon be ‘entering the digital age for mountain bikers’. No surprises therefore that Shimano’s foray into electronic gearing for mountain bikes was getting plenty of attention at this year’s Eurobike! This is all about turning the gear shifting into a reflex by reducing the effort to change gears whilst still maintaining plenty of control on your grip. With this system riders can choose when front shifts happen depending on their own personal preferences as well as the terrain through which they’re riding. And if they’re not quite sure – well, an audible alarm lets them know that a front derailleur shift might soon be coming up.

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3/ Thule Velo Compact

Thule Velo Compact

The Velo Compact is the ‘family’ name given to a Thule two-bike carrier and three + 1 merge. Every member of the family’s covered, that’s for sure. Velo Compact features a tilt mechanism, meaning you can access the boot whilst the bikes are racked at the back. The Compact’s arms can be removed, making it way easier to get bikes on and off without having to play some kind of chess game. But what gets the Thule team really excited is talking about the science – they apparently tested this with 90kg of bikes doing 70km/h before pulling a hand-break twist – the Velo Compact didn’t budge.

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4/ Haibike Fully CC Marathon

Haibike Fully CC Marathon

Haibike was getting plenty of attention at Eurobike, and no wonder – the product looked awesome. This one in particular caught our eye – the Fully CC Marathon. A carbon frame (the bike weighs 10.4kg), full suspension, and RockShox Monarch Relay. What stood out with this bike was the auto electronic intelligence – a front sensor responds to the terrain and wirelessly transmits the intelligence to the RockShox in the frame, which responds accordingly. Haibike is one of only three brands to deliver this innovation to market.

5/ KTM Myroon Prestige 29”

KTM Myroon Prestige 29

Austria’s right next door to us (Eurobike takes place in Germany) so it checks out that we zeroed in on some almost-local product. The KTM Myroon Prestige with a shock absorbent carbon frame comes with upside-down RockShox, Shimano XTR M900 Shadow Plus DM and weighs in at just 8.7kg.

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6/ Giro Empire SLX

Giro Empire SLX

Not only do these babies boast a so-hot-right-now orange fluro, but they weigh in at a mere 175g. Despite this they remain stiff and structured for full pushing power. Replaceable heal pads, full titanium hardware – these are made for the long haul. No surprises they took a win at this year’s Eurobike innovation awards.

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7/ The InterLock™

The InterLock

A bike lock that’s impossible to accidentally leave at home... because it’s part of it. Yep - the InterLock™ features a lock that hides inside the bike. The product is a specially designed seat post with a lock built into it, so the latter can’t be fully removed from the seat post. When pulled out, the cables are long enough (90cm) to go through the frame, the wheel, and around a post.

8/ POC Cerebral Helmet

POC Cerebral Helmet

If you’re into white, minimalist design then this helmet’s going to tick all the right boxes! It sure caught our attention in its super smooth way. Developed in close collaboration with Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling team, Volvo Car Group and POC’s very own aerodynamic specialists, this sleek number has endured wind tunnel testing and CFD stimulations and has apparently come up trumps no matter what position in which the rider is. And it just looks so darn cool.

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9/ Endo Storage Solution

Endo Storage Solution

Space is a commodity and innovations like Endo can have a big impact. We loved this nifty vertical bike storage solution that can accommodate a number of wheel sizes (but allows room for a conventional wheel size to also be locked). When it’s not in use, it can just be folded flat. For someone with five bikes in her kitchen (not kidding) this is the bees’ knees.