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Coffee, Bike Bags & THULE - Eurobike 2014

September 15, 2014

The Thule team sure knows how to design terrific travel solutions – and whip up a perfect cup of coffee as well. So it might sound like an odd combination, but at 8am we were pretty excited to not only get up to speed with Thule’s latest bike bags, but enjoy champion barista Roberto’s fine work at the same time!

Once you've got your coffee in hand, sit back and listen to Eric Norling from Thule and superstar downhiller Chris van Dine as they step us through their new award-winning bike cases - The Round Trip Pro (semi rigid approx 7kg) and the Round Trip Transition (hard case approx 9kg). Both cases include a portable assembly stand - an easy click rail enables you to mount the bike onto an integrated work stand so you can assemble/disassemble it without any fuss.

For cyclists who live out of their bike bags during the season - this is the bees' knees. High grade, durable but super lightweight, you will should still get your bike nicely under airline weight requirements. Super protective cases look after the bike in transit. Chris reckons he can get his bike out of the bag and up and running in ten minutes.... Not bad!

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