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Catching up with Fox at 2014 Eurobike

September 18, 2014

Nobody in the mountain bike world needs introducing to Fox, but some may be surprised to hear these guys are already celebrating their 40th anniversary.

The Fox story began with the creation of a revolutionary air shock, which set the pace for this innovative business. Since those days, Fox has expanded into the bicycle market and is synonymous with super quality bike suspension.

We look at one of the benchmark products - the Fox Float 36, developed specifically for Enduro racing.

Fox Float 36

Engineered for enduro racing, the stand alone feature here is the new float system. The completely redesigned air site comprises a positive chamber and negative chamber (replacing the steel springs that were used previously, and thus reducing overall weight). French MTB superstar Nico Lau needs no convincing about the Float 36 - he's riding them with 170mm of travel (a little longer than previous settings that gives the bike more of a downhill feel). He also keeps the dampers quite open (around 16 clicks of high speed compression/ 10 clicks of low speed compression) so that he can ride with plenty of suspension. His set-up shows just how well you can adjust the travel to the geometry of the bike and give the rider exactly what they're after.

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