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Review of the 2016 Winter Range from BBB

April 22, 2016
Review of the 2016 Winter Range from BBB

Since their inception to the cycling world, BBB has been creating solutions for cyclists. Their products are used by the world’s best in all cycling disciplines and their range of products is extensive to say the least.

Specialising in bike wear, bike parts, and accessories, BBB has developed and produced exclusive moulds and technologies, making them a market leader. The BBB catalogue includes helmets, gloves, sunglasses, clothing, base layers, pedals, saddles, brake pads, bar tape, grips, mounts, computers, lights, pumps, tools, saddle bags... pretty much everything except the bike itself.

BBB has a large winter specific range of items including lights, base layers, gloves, shoe covers, thermal bib shorts and all kinds of jackets. We put a variety of items from BBB's winter range to the test to help you thrive through winter.

BBB winter range

Sniper BLS-110 Front light

The Sniper BLS-110 front light is a heavy duty light, built for pitch black conditions. It boasts an incredible 1200 lumen without requiring an external battery or other power source. It easily mounts to both standard and oversized handlebars thanks to an adjustable 'TightFix' bracket, and can also be mounted onto a helmet.

Charge time is a very reasonable 6 hours, which is good for between 2-3 hours on 'super beam' - very impressive for an internal battery light. For most rides the 'low beam' setting is enough. The most powerful setting would only be required on rare occasions where there is no additional lighting and vision up the road is essential.

It throws a tremendous amount of light in a broad direction, allowing you to see hundreds of metres ahead while providing good peripheral coverage. There is a handy low battery indicator via a flashing red light on the mode button, leaving you with approximately an hour of light on the low beam setting. The Sniper is a light if you need to see, not just be seen.


  • 1200 lumen lightweight and compact USB rechargeable headlight

  • 4 modes: Super beam, high beam, standard beam, and low beam

  • Water-resistant aluminum casing with Airflow Cooling System (ACS) for optimum heat control

  • Samsung high-quality lithium (2 x 18650, 2600mAh, 7.4V) batteries

  • Rubber enclosed water-resistant multifunctional switch

  • Remote switch included, for switching modes without removing your hands from the handles

  • Size light: 115 x 43 x 30 mm

  • Weight: 210 grams

  • Color: black/gold

Sniper BLS 110 Front light

Signal Combo BLS-83 front + rear lights

The Signal Combo lights are exceptionally light, easy to mount, and produce a large amount of light for their size. They weigh in at only 30grams and don't take up much real estate, whether that be on the handlebars or seat post.

The charge time for each is approximately 2.5 hours, which will last for about 8 hours on 'low beam'.

The moveable 'StrapMount' silicone strap allows the Signal lights to be mounted in any direction and virtually anywhere on your bike. When mounted vertically, the strap can't be seen, but when the mount is horizontal there is a considerable amount of strap exposed (depending on the width of structure you have mounted it to). This can look a little messy and become annoying if it's mounted on the seat post and rubs on your leg (as happened to one of our testers).


  • Super-bright white COB LED

  • 4 modes: low beam, standard beam, high beam and flashing beam.

  • High-quality Lithium polymer (300 mAh 3.7 V) battery.

  • Universal mini-USB port

  • Weight: 30 grams

  • Size: 70 x 24 x 16 mm

  • Colors: black.

signal combo

Baselayers: Thermolayer Man BUW-11 short sleeve and Thermolayer Man BUW-12 long sleeve

The Thermolayer Man base layers are recommended for seriously cold temperatures, from 10 degrees to minus 10 degrees.

Despite the suggested temperature range, we did wear the short sleeve Thermolayer Man numerous times as a base layer when the temperature was in the low teens. It breathes well enough to be worn in these conditions, but thrived when the temperature dropped into single figures.

The long sleeve Thermolayer Man is definitely one base layer for the depths of winter. It is exceptionally warm to the point of overheating in mild temperatures, but is terrific in seriously cold weather, enabling you to wear a long sleeve jersey or thin jacket on top to stay warm. It's very warm without feeling like you are wearing a sweater.

The fit is true to size but is a very long, the bottom of the Thermolayer Man finishing below the hips in both the short sleeve and long sleeve. For most people this won't be an issue, but you will have a visible base layer line showing through your knicks unless you fold it up.


  • Combination of Polypropylene and Polyamide fibres

  • Rib zones for enhanced body support and increased thermal efficiency

  • Mesh zones for improved perspiration control

  • Seamless torso

  • Quickdry treatment

  • Sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/ XXL.

Thermolayer Man BUW 12

Storm Shield BBW-265 light weight Rain Jacket

The Storm Shield lightweight rain jacket didn't get much use during our test period thanks to a favourable forecast, but despite the sunny skies it made it out on a couple of rides. As the name suggests, the 'Storm Shield' is built for any weather, thicker than a traditional rain jacket without excess weight (140 grams). The jacket folds away to practically nothing thanks to a pouch system connected to the jacket via an elastic cord.

The fit allows for multiple layers to be worn underneath and reflective prints on the front and back aid visibility and safety. All the seams are fully tapered and the zipper is waterproof, preventing water leakage and reducing draft.


  • Lightweight wind and waterproof

  • Lycra binding in the hem and on the cuff

  • Ventilated back for added breathability

  • Anatomic panel shape for a comfortable fit

  • Lower back panel protects against splashing water from behind

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

  • Color: semi-transparent

Storm Shield BBW 265 light weight Rain Jacket

Pocket Vest BBW-151

The Pocket Vest is unique as its best use is between a few traditional vest options. It's super lightweight. Only 60grams: wafer thin, yet windproof and water repellent, which makes it hard to know when best to use it. It's handy on warmish days to keep your core warm on long descents, but isn't as tailored as a traditional vest, so it tends to flap around more than normal. And being so thin and lightweight it's not the warmest option on really cold days. As a result, it lands somewhere in the middle of weather climates to be ideal, but at 60grams you can pack it for emergencies and barely notice it's there.

The Pocket Vest boasts a full-length lockable YKK-zipper with inner front zipper flap to reduce drafts and has a similar pouch storage system to that of the Storm Shield rain jacket.

There's no doubt it does exactly what it sets out to do - be a lightweight option for a variety of weather conditions - but perhaps this is a surplus piece of kit as opposed to a necessity.


  • Lightweight, Windproof, water repellent, and breathable

  • Reflective accents on front and back

  • Back pocket with extra pouch: can be folded into a small package

  • Weight: only 60g

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

Pocket Vest BBW 151

Thermo Bib Shorts BBW-271

The BBB Thermo Bib Shorts are exceptionally comfortable with a thermo fleece lining keeping your legs insulated and warm. They aren't as tight or fitted as some other bib shorts on the market, lacking that 'compression' feel. If you are after a more 'performance'-orientated bib short, try BBB's 'Ultratech' or 'Team' bib short option. They are, however, incredibly warm and ideal for temperatures below 10 degrees. A three-quarter option would be perfect for winter and eliminate the need for knee or leg warmers.

The chamois of the Thermo Bib Shorts adds another level of comfort thanks to 'variable thickness, multi-stretch padding with anatomic 3D construction', but it's not overly thick on the sit bones. As a result, rides of an hour or two won't present an issue, but for all day rides a thicker chamois might be required (this is obviously dependent upon the bike you ride, your saddle, the road surface, etc.).

As with most BBB outer layer garments, there are reflective logo prints for extra visibility.


  • Made of thermo fabric

  • Mesh fabric upper for breathability

  • Flat seam stitched for maximum comfort

  • Elastic grip with silicone print

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL

Thermo Bib Shorts BBW 271

ErgoPlus BSO-14 Winter Socks

The ErgoPlus Winter Socks are designed with 'Far InfraRed technology' specifically for cold weather conditions. They aren't overly thick, but do take up a little more room in the forefoot than traditional cycling socks despite a seamless toe construction.

They are exceptionally warm built with extra insulation in the sole and 'structure lines' on the top of the sock, which BBB say will 'allow excessive moisture to evaporate easily'. With a height of 130mm, they are also very fashionable at the moment.


  • Anatomically designed cycling socks with Far InfraRed technology for cold weather conditions

  • Sole made of extra warm fabric equipped with Far Infrared technology for extra insulation

  • Open structure lines on top of the sock allow excessive moisture to evaporate easily

  • Flexible bending ankle area prevents folds where the sock is curved

  • Long cycling sock height: 130 mm

  • Sizes: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 and 47-49

  • Color: black

ErgoPlus BSO 14 Winter Socks

Weatherproof winter BWG-25 Gloves & Innershield BWG-27 Gloves

The Weatherproof winter glove is a staple piece of attire during winter: waterproof, windproof and providing maximum thermal insulation thanks to a 'pre-stitched glove liner'. There are some innovative design features, including 70° pre-curved fingers for a perfect fit on the handlebar, Terry towel moisture thumb wipe, and possibly the feature people will appreciate the most, touch screen compatible thumb and index finger.

The perfect accompaniment is the Innershield gloves which are thin enough to wear underneath the Weatherproof winter gloves if you are dealing with diabolical temperatures. Unfortunately the Innershield gloves don't have a textured or anti-slip surface to enable use on their own, otherwise they would be a great option for cool but not cold temperatures.


  • Top of the range technical glove for wet and dry winter weather. Ideal for competition use

  • Amara reinforced thumb and forefinger

  • Special 3-layer thermo system: 1. Inner layer with pre-stitched glove liner for a comfortable fit and maximum thermal insulation. 2. HYTEX breathable layer made of waterproof and windproof PolyUrethane (PU) membrane. Keeps cold air and water out. 3. Outer layer of Trioxx fabric on the front and an Amara palm for a perfect fit

  • Amara reinforced palm patches, with anti-slip silicone prints on the fingers

  • Reflective fabric on fingers for extra visibility

  • Extra long anatomically shaped cuff with Velcro strap for maximum comfort

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

  • Color: Black/neon yellow

Weatherproof winter BWG 25 Gloves

Innershield BWG 27 Gloves

Speedflex BWS-14 Winter Shoe covers

Made from 2mm WaterFlex material and featuring waterproof tape on the inside of all of the seems, the Speedflex Winter Shoe covers are designed to keep your feet dry and insulated. Kevlar reinforcements on the heel and nose improve the Speedflex's durability while offering a little extra insulation.

They are very easy to get on, thanks to a rear full-length zip and velcro strap underneath the shoe (which also allows you to use these shoe covers for in-line skating... very innovative.) Given you will most likely be riding them in poor conditions, they come with reflective artwork for extra visibility and an industrial-strength YKK zipper.

The Speedflex Winter Shoe covers come in a variety of different sizes, so be sure to select the right size for you, otherwise water will get into your shoes as a result of a loose fit rather than the poor material or design.


  • Designed to offer the best protection against the rain

  • Advanced 2 mm WaterFlex material, outer polyurethane (PU) rubber with inner MicroFleece give the highest level of water-resistance, flexibility and durability

  • Ergonomic two panel design provides a minimum length of seams and a perfect fit

  • Flap behind the zipper

  • Sizes: 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46 and 47/48

Speedflex BWS 14 Winter Shoe covers

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