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Light as the Breeze - Rudy Project Windmax Review

May 18, 2015

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When I was growing up I remember Rudy Project was the brand associated with very cool sunglasses. If you were a super sporty type, you probably wore Rudy Projects. This is the first time I’ve worn a Rudy Project helmet and I have to say, the Windmax 2015 is a great all-round helmet.

So what are the features you are going to want to hear about?


The polycarbonate shell, exoskeleton and EPS structure all work to create resistance to the helmet coming into impact with something, so that energy is dissipated (and therefore preventing it from being transferred to the wearer).

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The Weight

Weighing it at just 220g, it’s heavier carrying a block of butter on your head (not the analogy you probably expected here!). I didn’t feel the Windmax once it was clipped on and I was riding, and I think that’s the ultimate test of a helmet. You want to think you haven’t got it on, until the time when you really need it.

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The Fit

The ratchet system that enables you to dial the fit in or out means that you’re going to get a fit that’s just right for your head, which is extremely important given none of us obviously have precisely the same head shape, so better tailoring a small, medium, large etc size is ideal.

The straps with chin protection are another great feature that I think makes this helmet stand apart from some on the market.

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The external air openings keep heads cool, and their location around the helmet is designed to disperse the most amount of heat away from the head. That said, I will be honest – as I was in the video – and explain that I found an entirely other purpose for the air vents, that I greatly appreciated … In short – they kept the wasps out!

Safety Reflection System

Rudy Project have used approved reflective stickers on the helmet to increase visibility in low or compromised light conditions.

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Colour Code

I was a fan of the Windmax I was given to try – the red, black and silver colour code is great as it enables the helmet to go with a lot of kit and bike colour combinations, which is important for a roadie.

I think the Rudy Project Windmax is a great helmet for a roadie who is looking for a safety approved helmet that isn’t going to be felt, but will work with a number of kit and bike colours.

Definitely worth checking out!

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