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Behind Every Exceptional Athlete is an Exceptional Coach

July 10, 2015

Those involved in or connected to the very pointy end of the road cycling world need no introduction to the VIS Cycling Men's Coach. Dave Sanders has been a major player in elite road cycling for decades, and would be up there as one of the industry's most highly regarded and respected figures.

We just love to listen to Dave's straight-shoot talking. Here's a man who calls a spade a spade, which is pretty refreshing in this day and age. Dave and Shane go back a long way thanks to the connection between both their dads, so there's no formalities here.

Dave talks to Shane about the changing methodology of elite cycling training. Whereas once it was all about massive hours in the saddle and proving how hard you were, now days it's all about proving how smart you are and training in more specific and clever ways.

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Dave talks about the work he does on "specific endurance" training with the likes of Orica-GreenEDGE's Simon Gerrans, whom he holds in very high regard as perhaps the most tenacious and hardest working cyclist he knows.

This episode makes for really interesting listening - we hope you enjoy!

Shane Kelly catches up with Dave in this episode of Off the Bike, and it's such a good chat we would suggest you skip the short version and go straight to the men settling in for a real quality conversation.

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