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Lucky 5

July 30, 2015
Lucky 5

If you've gone to the Olympics and raced in Japan then as a cyclist, you can pretty much say you've made it.

Well, that's definitely how Malaysian Olympian and Commonwealth Gold Medallist track cyclist Josiah Ng feels.

Josiah and Shane Kelly go way back. They sparred on many a track during Josiah's 15 seasons, and both vividly remember the Athens Olympics, when Shane beat Josiah by the finest of whiskers. Had the outcome been the other way around, Josiah would've ended up with plenty of cash and a brand new Porsche, as that was the booty up for grabs for the first Malaysian to take home an Olympic medal in a sport other than badminton.

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The two talk in detail about the mysterious world of Keirin racing in Japan - the salt throwing traditions, the Kevlar padding, the incredible prize money and all that history.

Like Shane, Josiah might have hung up his racing helmet, but he's still going flat out. He's founded 5Bling, a business that creates custom design gloves for teams and events. We find out plenty more - including the power of number five - in yet another great Off the Bike catch up.

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