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THULE's Next Gen Bike Rack - Hello Velo Compact

October 13, 2014
THULE's Next Gen Bike Rack - Hello Velo Compact

The Team at Thule had plenty to keep us interested at this year's Eurobike. We were big fans of the bike bags but this Velo Compact, a two-bike carrier and three + 1 merge, really caught our eye.

This super smart system features a tilt mechanism, meaning you can access the boot whilst the bikes are racked at the back. It's also self-stabilising so you can release the carrier after you've placed it on the tow ball and make adjustments before tightening the handle to secure the system once and for all. There's even extendable wheel holders that mean this carrier can handle bikes with large wheel bases.

The Compact’s arms can be removed, making it way easier to get bikes on and off without having to play some kind of chess game. But what gets the Thule team really excited is talking about the science – they apparently tested this with 90kg of bikes doing 70km/h before pulling a hand-break twist – the Velo Compact didn’t budge.

And when the Velo Compat is not in use? Just fold it flat and place it in the boot (it will fit most boot sizes, according to the good fold at Thule). This is the carrier that just made it easy for the whole family to get active...

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