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Meet Our Graphics Guy and His Custom S-Works Tarmac

September 07, 2015

Chris, one of our trusty graphic designers, became obsessed with bikes at an early age, three or four years old. His sister had a blue beach cruiser and he would hammer that around the backyard with little regard for brakes for for his personal safety.

Since then it’s been the same story -- always bikes, always going fast -- but with different toys in different settings. A whole life of cycling has seen him on mountain bikes and BMXes and, of course, road bikes.

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2006 saw the purchase of Chris’ first true road bike, a Specialized Allez. He immediately fell in love with the brand has been a loyal devotee ever since. Being a designer, he admits to an intense brand focus, but his Specialized history has served him well. Despite trying other bikes, nothing has fit quite as well as the Allez -- or the Tarmac.

Which brings us to today. Chris is now the proud owner of a custom 2015 S-Works Tarmac (Contador Edition). Little custom details make all the difference for Chris, who rides six days and about 300km per week. He’s added Zipp Aero SL70 handlebars, ENVE carbon wheels, and a mechanical DuraAce drivetrain.

He loves the bike and is very happy with his custom setup. However, when asked which type of rider he’d recommend the bike to, he’s pragmatic: every rider is different. Depending on body, style, and preferred terrain, everyone is going to have different needs and requirements from a bike. Chris has gone for a personalised all-rounder, so he’s the only one he’d recommend for his bike.

He's found his perfect ride - may we all be that lucky!

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